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Computer and wax simulation of teeth (veneers)

A modern dentist stopped relying on measurement by eye and subsidiary measuring instruments. Archaic methods gave place to computer and wax veneers simulation, which took manufacture of ceramic restorations to a new level. Due to simulation and new technologies, the dental center «Lipinskii» guarantees 99,9% of the quality of work and materials. At your convenience and in the shortest time possible.

What is computer and wax simulation, and what's it for?

Computer simulation involves using the digital technologies of teeth simulation, which allows for the creation of three-dimensional teeth models considering the patient's anatomic features: shapes, sizes, soft tissue level, etc.
In the case of wax simulation, the technician executes all processes by hand. This is a laborious and time-consuming procedure. The technician creates a new shape of teeth on cast models using wax considering all patient's wishes. Manufactured teeth models are mounted on an articulator, after which the technician analyzes the patient's and doctor's esthetic demands and starts the wax simulation.

Process of teeth simulation, how much time does this process take technician to execute?

The process of teeth simulation takes 2-3 days. To manufacture the Wax-Up, the doctor makes the impressions of the patient's maxillary and mandibular ridges with the use of special silicone material.
At this stage, a customary occlusion is fixed and a facebow impression is made to adjust the masticatory movements of dentoalveolar apparatus in the articulator.
Future veneers try-in before starting work
After the demonstration of Wax-Up, the doctor makes the impressions of the new teeth just like he had made impressions of the patient's natural teeth, and then he makes «a silicone index» of them.
At this point, the patient's teeth are being cleaned of plaque with a dental prophylactic paste but, equally important, they aren't being prepared (milled) and damaged at all.
Indispensable condition prior to the manufacture of permanent ceramic restorations –interim restorations adjustment and try-in. This involves diagnostic models with the use of wax or computer simulation.
After the procedure, the dentist puts a special plastic material in the silicone index and puts it on the patient's teeth. Then he takes it off, removes the excess material and polishes the interim constructions. In such a way, interim constructions Mock-Up are placed in the mouth.
These procedures make it possible to see the precise models of patients' teeth and to try on the shape, appearance, and size of future veneers. You will be able to see the future smile before the work starts.

What does the teeth simulation give us and what can we see after the simulation?

Computer and wax teeth simulation makes it possible to:
  • choose the color and shape of veneers according to the patient's wishes;
  • evaluate the efficiency of denture teeth in advance (bite and occlusion);
  • eliminate the inaccuracies at an early stage;
  • minimize the period of adaptation to permanent ceramic restorations;
  • not to affect the adjacent teeth when manufacturing dental constructions.
Dental center «Lipinskii» provides all kinds of dental services, among which the computer and wax simulation has one of the most important functions since it makes it possible to carry out the simulation as comfortable for the patient as possible to get a good esthetic result.