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Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are very popular in esthetic dentistry due to the function of micro prosthodontics – restorations only of the visible part of the tooth. In such a way any cosmetic defects (chips, gaps, cracks, change of enamel color, etc.), which are visible when you smile, are concealed.

What are ceramic veneers?

Ceramic veneers are 0.2-0.5 mm thick plates made of various types of ceramics. They are fixed on the front surface of a tooth to provide the esthetic and concealing functions. Ceramic veneers became a particular substitute and protection, their mechanical and optical properties are similar to enamel's. Ceramic material, which veneers are made of, makes it possible to choose any teeth color and shape.
A short while ago it was necessary to wear braces for several years. With the emergence of modern technologies of ceramic veneers manufacturing, the patients got rid of uncomfortable dental manipulations and got the opportunity to solve teeth problems faster.
Aggressive grinding down of dental enamel isn't used to manufacture and place veneers (many people have seen this on photos and videos on the internet). Preparation for ceramic restorations in Lipinskii dental center is made at the micro-level of enamel and in some cases, it doesn't affect the dental enamel at all.
Maximum teeth maintenance: life expectancy is at least 20 years and the color and texture remain the same over the years
If needed, when teeth are too densely placed, the dentist slightly makes the preparation of tooth tissue (0.2-0.5 mm) to place ceramic veneers. It's enough to preserve the natural tooth and natural function.
After the fixation of ceramic veneers to the tooth surface, a firm joint is formed, which allows eating, talking and smiling without worries. Of course, it's forbidden to crack nuts, bite threads or a fishing line, open bottles or bite any other solid objects because it will damage the ceramic restorations. Such manipulations are harmful to natural teeth as well.
Adherence to basic rules of personal hygiene will make it possible for ceramic veneers to last up to 20 years and more without changing color and texture.

Veneers make it possible to change your smile in a short time but not everyone is allowed to get them

Everyone wants to have beautiful and straight teeth or open smile. The procedure of ceramic veneers placement is short and it takes 3-4 visits to the dental clinic. The doctor specifies the scope of work and makes necessary recommendations; agrees on color, shape and patient's wishes; makes impressions and sends them over to the laboratory for wax or computer simulation; demonstrates the patient a possible result and at last places the samples that he got from the laboratory.
Esthetic dentistry with the help of ceramic veneers is available for all patient categories with certain reservations. Doctors don't offer veneers:
  • to patients under 18 years of age, because active development of enamel, tooth tissue and occlusion takes place to that age;
  • in the case of extensive teeth and oral cavity diseases, which require operative dental intervention;
  • in the case of a total absence of teeth (in this particular case doctors resort to prosthetic dentistry or implant placement of the missing tooth).
  • in the case of acute forms of diseases.
Change of teeth shape and color can completely change the person and it will lead to greater self-confidence in the process of communicating
Sociological research showed – 60-70% of people are unhappy with the color and shape of their teeth. Natural color is now in fashion, so the great dentist's work is the one that is indiscernible to the people around you.
Ceramic veneers don't assume colors, they hold their shape and are no different from natural teeth visually, they are the perfect means to create an open smile and person's internal harmony.
Veneers placement is a great opportunity to solve small esthetic problems with teeth for those, whose life purpose is communication. Shining smile of Hollywood stars and onscreen icons is the proof of that.
Let yourself become more open and communicate freely showing straight teeth and light shade of enamel. Ceramic veneers will discover new horizons for you, which you have evaded for so long.