Дентал центр "Ліпінський"

Lipinskii dental center

We are a first-class dental center. We set dentistry standards in Kyiv and take care of our patients from their first visit and forever. If you need a professional dentist and quality dental services, we are waiting for you in our clinic. Our doctors will advise you, make a personal treatment plan as well as preventive measures and provide you with the highest level of dental treatment
Our clinic uses the latest German and American dental equipment, which has all the necessary certificates and licenses
In case of detecting defects in the provided dental services, you have the right to timely and free of their elimination (subject to the fulfillment of all recommendations of the doctor)
In our clinic, you can get the first consultation and diagnosis of the oral cavity for free, as well as discuss the recommendations and possible treatment options
We carry out multi-stage sterilization of all instruments, carry out a complete thermal treatment, disinfection and autoclaving. To maintain sterility we use two levels of protection
Companies we work with